A $200k Challenge : discover the Cardashift Fund on Catalyst F9

3 min readJun 9, 2022


⚠️ There are no direct links with the Cardashift Launchpad and the 10 projects presented in this first Batch!

As you may have seen in the last few days, we have teased our Catalyst Natives fund through social media.

As the Launchpad accelerates towards lift-off, we’ve mentioned that we’ll be offering $200k in CLAP to finance Cardano projects that match our mission statement: to develop projects that demonstrate and monetize impact.

However, up until now, details have been missing! That’s why we are writing a complete article about this fund, and we are pretty sure you will understand everything after reading it 😉

So? Let’s start! ⬇️

What is Project Catalyst?

Project Catalyst is Cardano’s turbo-charged innovation engine and one of the world’s most decentralized innovation funds. It is a focal point for ecosystem development and innovation, driven by the Cardano community.

Every quarter, Project Catalyst produces a fresh pipeline of technical, business, creative, and community-focused projects — funded to deliver their proposed ideas voted for by the Cardano and Catalyst community.

With each funding round, the community presents challenges across various Cardano-related projects. The community then answers these challenges and offers clearly-defined solutions. The community votes on the proposals and selects projects to receive funding.

Why open a fund?

As you may now know, we have opened our own fund through Catalyst Natives. But why?

Our ambition is to tackle one of the pain points of the impact ecosystem: the lack of financial attractiveness of impact projects.

Catalyst Natives are focusing on impact-oriented solutions and not projects that prioritize only Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Criteria.

Success for this challenge involves:

  • Discovering innovative ways for impact-oriented projects to create financial value from their impact generation, notably by issuing impact tokens.
  • Increasing transparency and traceability of the impact generated by a specific project.

Other protocols explore the idea of leveraging blockchain technology to build a sustainable world. The most famous example is the IXO protocol, whose Impact Tokens aim to represent real-world outcomes.

The tokenization of verified results through the IXO protocol transforms traditional certificate-based representations of results (e.g., carbon reduction certificates, education certificates, vaccination certificates, biodiversity certificates, or any other certified outcome state) into tradable and investable digital assets.

However, impact tokenization is still nascent, and the question remains open: What kind of tools, interacting on and off-chain, can we develop to measure and value impact financially?

Project Catalyst F9 Calendar?🗓️

Take a look at the official F9 Calendar:

So, the submission phase has started! Everyone can now submit proposals and attempt to grab a piece of $200k worth in CLAP to finance their project!

Submit your insight now at: https://cardano.ideascale.com/c/campaigns/26605/stage/all/ideas/unspecified

Where to find more information?

Want to discuss your proposal and our community related to Catalyst Natives?

➡️ We have opened our Telegram group for our own fund that you can join here.

You can also join the Project Catalyst Telegram and chat with all proposers from the last 8 phases.

We will also upload major updates through our main social media links that you can find at the end of the article.

If you want to contact us, you can contact me (Benjamin) through Discord & Telegram.

About Cardashift

Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds, and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues. Cardashift is based on Cardano, the blockchain platform for change-makers, innovators, and visionaries.

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An article written by Estelle & Benjamin.




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