Cardashift and Cardano4Climate announce their partnership

2 min readApr 27, 2022


Cardashift is thrilled to announce their partnership with Cardano4Climate, in order to develop and contribute together to the ecosystem of environmental impact projects in Cardano.

Cardano4Climate is a community that aims to support and amplify projects that are impacting climate change and improving sustainability. Their goal is to gather actors who wish to engage in these subjects within Cardano. In addition, the Cardano4Climate community has created Little Fish Foundation — a dApp built on Cardano Blockchain — bringing each individual together and making ideas an asset.

“Actors wishing to meet the SDGs on Cardano are beginning to be numerous and are starting to gather. It is therefore important to work collaboratively to grow the ecosystem and reach our common purpose.” — Vincent Katchavenda, co-founder of Cardashift

Cardano4Climate is dedicating time, skills and coordinating resources in order to ignite the positive change the world needs. They are growing by welcoming and including everyone who wants to make a climate change action and who believes that the future should not be defined by the past, and that more is possible. Through technology, that can be made possible for all.

Cardashift and Cardano4Climate share a common goal for the future — having a positive impact on our world by supporting initiatives built within Cardano. Projects involved with Cardano4Climate could benefit from Cardashift expertise and accelerator programs. Moreover, Cardano4Climate knowledge about impact could definitely help Cardashift in their assessment processes. In the following months, we will work side-by-side to create tools and platforms to help impact projects grow.

“Cardashift is a great example of how blockchain technology and new models can help to grow more impactful companies. Cardano4Climate is excited to collaborate with Cardashift and use its community and network to support partnerships and companies that wish to create social and environmental impact using blockchain technology” — Yoram Ben-Zvi, C4C community member

As of today, a dedicated channel for Cardashift has been created in Cardano4Climate’s official Discord, in which our team will be pleased to discuss with the community on different matters. Earlier this year, our Impact Team presented Cardashift during one of Cardano4Climate’s Weekly Meetings and had the chance to have great conversations with people sharing the same core values.

About Cardashift

Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues.

Cardashift is based on Cardano, the blockchain platform for change-makers, innovators, and visionaries.

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