Cardashift becomes erable° 🤝

2 min readMar 28, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil our new brand identity! This significant milestone positions us to unlock our full potential and elevate our capabilities to new heights.

In February, we unveiled an ambitious roadmap for 2023, and this occasion marks its first step!

💡 And so, erable°?

We recognize the importance of having a name that truly captures our message and vision.
Our reflection has led us to focus on two core concepts:

1️ “era” serves as the foundation of our mission — it embodies the “why” behind our vision to facilitate a transition toward a sustainable & desirable future: usher in a new era.

2️ — “able” reflects our approach to making this vision a reality — the “how.” Our aim is to empower everyone to actively participate in this transition through investment, rather than merely observing from the sidelines.

With great pride, we introduce erable° a name that encapsulates our purpose and aspirations!

🖌 Why this rebranding?

As explained in our last medium post, our rebranding is strategic for two main reasons:

1️ — We are eager to demonstrate our commitment to transcending chain dependence

The ultimate goal is to ensure that technology serves the purpose of generating a positive impact, and now is the time to bring this vision to life.

The successful launch of the Revolte collection has paved the way for our expansion on the Polygon network.

As a dynamic Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Polygon’s infrastructure is tailored to accommodate use cases like ours that intersect with the physical world.

This makes it the ideal ecosystem for erable° in the months ahead.

2️ — Offer a coherent and inclusive narrative to speak to a broader audience

This will enable us to gather new projects and new community members behind us!

⏩ What’s next?

The next few weeks will be busy for erable°:

  • In a few weeks: Announcements on the DAO & token roadmap
  • Late April: The 1st Pyxo sale

Apply to participate in the private sale here

  • Before the summer: The release of our new platform

With a few surprises in between!

🗣 Come ask all your questions

You probably have many questions, we can’t wait to answer them! 🔥

We’ll do two AMA sessions :

  • One in 🇬🇧 on April 11th @3pm
  • One in 🇫🇷 on April 11th @7pm

Just select the session you want to participate here




erable° is a unique investment platform for funding the ecological transition, making investing in this transition accessible to retail investors.