Cardashift Quarter Update August 2022

5 min readAug 5, 2022

Hello Cardashift community!

Thank you for being a part of our journey so far. We started this journey in September 2021 with your support and today, you have helped Cardashift grow and establish itself as a legitimate actor building bridges between impact and web3/blockchain.

It is the 5th of August and we are starting with our quarterly updates for the community. We take this opportunity to share our key achievements since April, our learnings and most importantly, give you a sneak peak into the amazing things we have lined up for the upcoming months.

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Round-up of progress so far

With announcements from the Cardano, Web3, and Impact ecosystem, our product strategy has been updated to adapt to these new conditions.

The revised roadmap seems to fit more aptly than the one we had previously planned during our ICO. The team is currently finalizing the roadmap proposal and it will be made available to the community in September.

Batch Genesis updates

Last few months we launched our first batch and at the end of the governance period, here are some important stats we would like to share with you:

  • 210,000 voting tickets on the ballots
  • 65% participation rate
  • High level of community involvement — beyond expected figures

As winners of the voting phase, Pyxo and Revolte have benefitted from community consensus and have been through a series of 4 workshops since April. Namely — on project feasibility, tokenization, fundraising strategy.

This month, we are focused on working with the project teams to determine the degree of project success based on user feedback.

Last notable information:

  • Pyxo and Revolte will be conducting an AMA this August. The AMA session for Pyxo has been confirmed for the 23rd of August.
  • Schedule of the fundraising phases should be confirmed by end-September.

Batch #2

We will also initiate the call for projects of Batch #2 in December 2022 post the first round of fund-raising for Pyxo and Revolte.

New infrastructure in the pipeline

Our ambition has always been to leverage the blockchain ecosystem to fund and monetize impact.

The launchpad was a first touchpoint and now, we want to deep dive into impact monetization.

Our first action point has been to conduct user research on said topic. The learning will guide the product design. Stay tuned for our roadmap announcement in September to learn about this exciting new development.

Demonstrating & Monetizing Impact via Catalyst Native

Cardashift is the second organisation on Cardano to launch a Catalyst Natives Fund. This year we debuted with the Fund 9: Demonstrating and Monetizing impact.

How could Cardano technology be leveraged to build new solutions for measuring and monetizing positive impact?

Put simply, how can we bridge the gap between the value created for society by impact projects and the financial value they capture?

A total of $200k in CLAP tokens were offered in funding. Result: 53 proposals! Results of the fund will be disclosed end-September.


Beyond the launchpad projects, we’ve developed partnerships to help forward our vision.

Cardano family:

In the impact world:

  • Built partnerships with impact funds & incubators for project sourcing, namely Teampact Ventures, Seedstars and Singa
  • Develop use cases on the future of impact finance and the interest of tokenization with Finance for Tomorrow, PwC and Yunus Social Business

This ecosystem development strategy aims to position us as the leader at the intersection of web3 and impact.

Public events

In line with the partnership strategy, Cardashift has strengthened its relationships among our ecosystem, most notably during the following renowned public events:

Cardashift x Cardano at Consensus
  • Vivatech: Hosted with Cardano Foundation, a keynote around tokenization & impact valuation with David Berners, the Global Director of Yunus Social Business with CEOs of Pyxo and Revolte’s as guests
Cardashift Keynote with Cardano Foundation at Vivatech 2022
  • Un[B]lock Summit in Toulon: Structuring the future of DAO with our CFO Adrien Hubert (future considerations)
  • NFT Factory: keynote with the CEO of Time for the Planet on how blockchain technology can be leveraged for incentivizing companies to invest in the environmental transition
Adrien Hubert, our CFO, at NFT Factory event
  • Yunus Social Business field trip in Kenya & Uganda: Invited by Yunus Social Business to discover their social businesses’ portfolio, local teams and investors
Yannis Baala from our Impact Assessment team was invited by Yunus Social Business in Kenya & Uganda


Exciting recruitment is ongoing as the team expands. We are interviewing profiles specifically in tech, sales, marketing, communication and management.

Our community has been highly engaged during the governance phase. In order to keep up the tempo, we are reviewing our communication strategy to elevate the community experience by providing more updates, transparency and engagement.

Market Conditions

As an impact blockchain project, we also need to look at the current market scenario.

In our opinion, although the market is in a down trend from a financial perspective, innovation and development is still underway. It is the time to build, solidify our community and adjust our positioning as a project.

Conclusion & next steps

It’s only just the beginning! We are developing upon the vision for the future of Cardashift. Please note that additional utilities and strong governance models are being considered.

Save the Date — September 7th where we unveil the roadmap ahead.




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