Cardashift Quarter Update Q3 2022

6 min readOct 7, 2022


Hello Cardashift community!

As always, we want to thank you for being with us today. It is thanks to all your help and support that Cardashift has been able to grow, paving the way for a new and environmentally-responsible economy.

Today’s Quarter Update is a big one, as it marks the one-year anniversary of Cardashift.

Cardashift began in September 2021, and what a journey it has been! To mark the occasion, we will have a look at what Cardashift has achieved this year, thanks to the hard work from our teams and support from you, the Cardashift community. We will also share what we have been working on these past three months and our exciting new projects for the future…

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Happy Birthday Cardashift!

Cardashift was founded a year ago this month, and so much has been achieved since. Here are some of the highlights of this year;

  • ICO Fundraising: In February 2022, Cardashift raised an incredible $10M through its ICO. This shows the trust 12,000+ members of the Cardashift community put in us and is a huge step in the shaping of a bright, more desirable future.
  • Community Vote: Amongst the four promising projects voted for by the community, our teams have since been busy working with Pyxo and Revolte, preparing them for fundraising.
  • Proposal0: Our new roadmap has been approved by you, the community, with 96% voting power in favor of the proposal. Cardashift will be transitioning to a DAO (more on that in a minute!).

Cardashift has been growing and expanding over the course of the year, with new promising projects and team members joining. Now more than ever, the Cardashift mission is essential; together, we can act to create a socially and environmentally efficient economy for the future.

Switching to DAO

This year, Cardashift will be adopting Proposal0 and will become a DAO. Being part of the Cardashift community means having a say in our decision-making process. Transitioning to DAO is aligned with Cardashift’s vision, aiming at decentralizing the operation of business and leaving space for more human involvement in blockchain activities.

How it works

Our new governance model is based on a dual token model: tradeable tokens (CLAP) and non-tradeable tokens (xCLAP). To earn benefits such as voting rights and treasury rights (amongst others), members can stake their CLAP to receive xCLAP; the number of xCLAP held determines the holder’s weight in governance (treasury, investment and technical ecosystem).

We thank you for your trust as we continue with our efforts in growing our community and giving you a bigger role to play in the achievement of our goals.

Next steps

  1. First, we are currently finalizing the legal structure, which will be up and running by November
  2. Then, we will deliver an on-chain DAO with the tools the community needs to govern Cardashift
  3. Lastly, we will make the Cardashift’s treasury and wallets completely transparent and accessible

Read more on the Cardashift DAO.

Ongoing projects: Pyxo & Revolte

Since the community vote in June, we have been working closely with two environmentally focused projects, Pyxo and Revolte.

We have been supporting them during the pre-funding phase; designing the roadmap, finding the best tokenization model to fuel their business and connecting them with a community of early-adopters. Look out for our fundraising calendar which will be published in the coming weeks.

These projects aim at responding to climate-sensitive needs using blockchain technology. Pyxo offers a solution to the irreversible damage done by single-use plastic waste, through reusable and eco-friendly containers. Revolte helps fight programmed obsolescence, helping electric cars last longer through their careful expertise.

We are happy to announce that a token model has been chosen for Pyxo, based on a system of NFT issuance in exchange for treasury and governance rights.

Read more on Pyxo Tokenomics and Revolte Tokenomics.

Mission-driven NFT Marketplace

Big News!

Cardashift has been working on a new asset class: Mission-Driven NFTs.

So far, we have identified 3 types of features:

  • In Delivery: These are used for funding and revenue sharing (with Pyxo and Revolte)

Two that are in exploration phase:

  • Impact Ambition: An NFT collection dedicated to a project is launched and each member would receive an NFT as a reward for reaching a specific goal. As an example, Cardashift is currently collaborating with a biodiversity preservation project. With this feature, members are rewarded with an NFT for the reintroduction of a species (reward for the delivery of target goals).
  • Proof of Impact: these answer the question of how to reward social projects for success in achieving their goals; consumers get rewards and add-ons associated with the project. They give monetary value to positive action, for example by attaining a certain number of people who are helped, bankable.

These are the first three that we have identified, but we are convinced there are more to be found, and you will be involved in their development and applications.

Now, Cardashift’s ambition is to create a dedicated space to trade Mission-Driven NFTs (a “Mission-Driven NFT Marketplace”, which we aim to be the reference marketplace for impact in Web3).

We need to scale quickly. These projects are subject to lots of deepflow; we need the appropriate team to meet them, as well as new partners for financing. What we need to scale the offer and demand are VCs. Why do we need VCs? VCs bring capital to accelerate the process and the network to reach startups and corporations who can map us into the ecosystem.

We are launching a fundraising process with VC partners, aiming to close in Q1 2023.

Read more on our Impact Marketplace.


  • Happy fifth birthday Cardano! It has been a long and eventful journey for Cardano and this is only the beginning, with many more good things to come.
The Cardashift team is appearing on the cover of the 5th Cardano’s birthday video 🎉
  • The results are in for the F9 Catalyst Natives challenge “Demonstrating and monetizing impact”.
  • Cardashift has been selected as a Cardano Event host for Paris in mid-November!

Public events

Cardashift has continued its partnership strategy and presence within the ecosystem and has appeared in the following public events:

  • On TV: Check out our interview on i24 News for the Web3 TV show D-Crypt, talking about goals, projects and the role of blockchain in sustainable development.
  • Cardashift will be participating in the Building Bridges Week, and will be speaking during panels on sustainable finance, and the role of blockchain infrastructure and communities for global goals.
  • Cardashift was at the French Ministry of Economics & Finance, alongside the Association for the Development of DigitalAssets, Directorate General for Enterprise & Directorate General of Treasury to discuss the links between crypto and the environment.
  • As part of Cardashift’s social engagement, Adrien Hubert attended the Women in Venture Capital Summit, at Station F in September.
  • Yannis Baala wrote a column for and contributed to the Investir review on how companies can promote social engagement.

Our Team

As exciting new projects are going on, the Cardashift team is growing. We are meeting with promising profiles notably in the field of communications, social media outreach, project management and development for our many project launches.

If you’re in any of these fields, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always looking for new team members!

In order to meet the needs of our ever-expanding community and maintain quality engagement, we have sharpened our focus on communication and outreach, providing updates and transparency.

As always, you can stay in touch with us and follow us on Twitter, Discord, and make sure to read all our news and updates on Medium.

What’s Next / Conclusion & Summary

As always, Cardashift’s next steps will be in line with our end goals, to widen our reach, grow our acquisition and engage the community more.

Over the next few months, we will be furthering our work on POCs with two companies, as well as designing the marketplace we cannot wait to launch. We are already meeting with VCs, our target is to close the fundraising by early 2023.

We will continue to engage with you on our socials, and will be back with a progress update soon.




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