Cardashift Roadmap Update Proposal

5 min readSep 7, 2022


Dear changemakers, we want you involved in Cardashift’s governance.

🔎 Discover and react on our first Roadmap Update Proposal. Check out what it’s all about below and stay tuned over the next few days on our socials as we continue to release information.

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Timeline Roadmap Update Proposal

The next era for humanity will be all about ensuring whatever action we engage in is healing and contributing to the planet and our communities. To fully embrace this vision implies freeing oneself from the systemic constraints that are well known, and Blockchain and web3 seem to offer us the tools we need to change the rules of the game.

What we have seen and learned over the past year has only strengthened our convictions and allowed us to better map out how we will best achieve our ambition to accelerate environmental and social transitions.

Below a high level overview of the roadmap …

Cardashift Roadmap Update Proposal — High-Level
*this roadmap is subject to change according to DAO governance*

DAO — Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Empower our token holders to shape tomorrow’s world

Further information on September 8 🤫. Register to vote on and join the debate on Discord!

DAO Launch

Finding and implementing solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues involves the consideration and empowerment of all. In this movement, we need new forms of organization that give everyone a fair say.

Cardashift is no exception to this ideal and understands that it is essential to integrate its token holders as soon as possible in the governance and evolution of this emerging ecosystem. By becoming a DAO this year, we would encourage token holders to get involved at their own level as well as introduce new mechanisms to drive usage and ultimately the value of the token.

The DAO would be based on a unique legal structure leveraging the French Legal Framework of Association (1901) allowing token holders to be easily integrated in the decision making process. Its purpose is to provide a self-regulating infrastructure with standards and interactions, where members would be able to control the treasury, its investments and the technical ecosystem.

These screens are a product proposal, and may evolve before the first release.

Cardashift funding round to support its ambition

Disrupting the status quo and fully embracing our vision of a positive economy for demonstrating, valuing and monetizing positive externalities requires the proper support and funding. The vision has already been presented to a large number of investors, VCs, and other stakeholders. Feedbacks are great and especially constructive, allowing us to mature our project. Discussions are well underway with several VCs for a fundraising campaign in late 2022.

This will allow us to surround ourselves with the right players to deliver a stronger impact, to establish ourselves in the investment ecosystem, and to move faster on new monetization products. Rest assured, the DAO would remain citizen-driven and the large investors will only be a source of value for everyone.

CeX Listing to expand Cardashift’s footprint

Decentralizing the way we tackle humanity’s biggest challenges involves making our token ever more accessible. Listing it on a prominent CeX is one way to do this. We are in serious talks with Tier 1 exchanges to give the opportunity to non-crypto users to get involved in impact generation and Cardashift products. We estimate that, by Q1 2023, our token will be listed.

DAO Proposals

To give you an insight of what is going on in our brains, we are sharing with you some ideas we are exploring. These market opportunities will be intensively discussed with you and brought to a DAO vote before moving on to the next steps. The first votes would take place as early as October but we are keeping them a secret for now, stay tuned!


Fund and accelerate impact-driven projects

Further information on September 13 🤫. Register to vote on and join the debate on Discord!

Pyxo & Revolte

Pyxo and Revolte are now in the final stages of the pre-funding support, we deep dived into their activity to find relevant Web3 use cases they could benefit from. Great models and tokenomics have emerged. We will unveil the official token sale models & fundraising calendars very soon, targeting whitelists sales in Q4 2022. Public sales will follow in Q1-Q2 2023, giving the opportunity to the public to join Pyxo & Revolte’s web3 adventure.

Next Batch

The first batch launched in the spring was full of learnings. Whether it was about the sourcing, the project’s support to the vote or the voting session itself. The second batch will start at the beginning of December with the sourcing phase. Until then, the new terms and conditions will have to be co-constructed with and validated by the DAO.

Give us your feedback about the first Batch HERE!


A three-in-one solution to generate and monetize impact

Further information on September 9 🤫. Register to vote on and join the debate on Discord!

Co-Financing Tomorrow’s Key Players

The first brick of our marketplace would be a co-financing solution for impactful projects, based on the launchpad model. We aim at diversifying the types of fundraising. Through NFT generation, projects will be funded while token holders will get rewarded based on their economic performance.

Valuing & monetizing impact

Our solution will enable companies (from start-ups to big corporations) to generate impact-proofs through NFTs. It could be used internally to value the contribution of an employee or a business unit and externally to monetize the impact of the company to clients, investors or consumers. Allowing companies to value and market their positive impact creates a virtuous circle that encourages them and their competitors to do more.

Community for Impact Watch

We want to make this product the first example of a long series: initiated and co-constructed with the community. The ambition we want to explore with the community is to give citizens the opportunity to monitor the impact ambition of big corporations. What if tomorrow you could bet on whether or not a company would achieve its impact roadmap? Create a citizen pressure while being rewarded.

These screens are a product proposal, and may evolve before the first release.

Happy voting!




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