erable° Partners with Keenest to Harness the Power of RWAs for Impactful Funding

2 min readJul 8, 2024


erable°, an impact investment fintech and financial innovation lab, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Keenest, a trailblazer in investment solutions for decarbonization. While erable° and Keenest have always maintained strong ties, this collaboration marks a pivotal chapter in our shared vision to harness the power of real-world-asset tokenization (RWAs) for the growth of Donut Economics-aligned organizations.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

  • Innovative Impact RWA Technology: erable° and Keenest are set to co-develop blockchain-based technological solutions to launch on-chain financial assets. These assets will integrate native impact measurement, reporting, and verification.
  • Community Engagement and Education: We will execute a series of joint marketing initiatives aimed at educating and engaging the community on the benefits of blockchain and RWA tokenization for impact investing. This includes hosting live events and enhancing community interactions through strategic promotions of the $ERA and $KEEN tokens.
  • Exclusive Investment Opportunities: The erable° community will have opportunities to invest directly in Keenest’s investment products, offering tangible benefits.

About Keenest

Keenest lets you invest from 100€ in the most promising decarbonizing solutions. Collect and track your financial and extra-financial benefits while investing. Access a secondary market at any time to trade your assets freely.

About erable°

Erable°, a pioneering fintech and financial innovation lab, harnesses the power of both traditional finance and blockchain technology to drive social and environmental change. Our primary offerings include an Impact Crowdfunding Platform that facilitates revenue-based financing for diverse projects, alongside a lab that helps corporations explore new ways to finance their transformation while engaging with their stakeholders.

erable° is committed to reshaping finance to better serve the world.




erable° is a unique investment platform for funding the ecological transition, making investing in this transition accessible to retail investors.