First project cohort recruited!

3 min readApr 16, 2022

An impactful and rewarding approach…

The application process for the first batch officially closed last week with more than 250 projects have applied for the Cardashift Launchpad! 🤩

Cardashift’s team has been impressed by this huge number of applications and the quality of projects received: the hardest part was definitely choosing between all of them.

This first batch allowed us to finetune our approach and understand better our added value. Thanks to our community's support and involvement, we have managed to shape a final cohort that will certainly fit you!

As a reminder, we aim at developing :

  • an investors-citizens movement, providing a stronger human feel in the investment industry 👥
  • an open platform to bring together all the goodwill from traditional actors or individual newcomers around impact generation 🤝

A dedicated community

The Cardashift community has been the main actor in this selection process and we were not expecting such a commitment.

  1. By suggesting your own project,
  2. by referring to high-potential initiatives you knew or heard of,
  3. by giving us insights or ideas on the way to screen projects,

the selection process became more and more decentralized and this will make the next batches even more decisive.

An emerging impact-oriented ecosystem

Cardashift’s model inherently pushes us to collaborate, rather than compete with like-minded players. While looking for ambitious projects, we’ve met interesting partners along the way.

We will communicate about some of them soon. To give you a taste, we have cooperated with:

  • Business Angels and VC funds that want to create a complete value chain with us on impact investing 🏦
  • Experts and accelerators that can bring their skill sets to help us work on projects’ value propositions 📈
  • Public institutions and associations that understand the contribution of Cardashift to the public interest 🎓

Thanks to our exchanges and their networks, we were able to strengthen our value proposition and have access to high-potential projects for this first batch.

Above all: such ambitious projects aligned with our vision

We are pleased to announce that the batch of projects we have set up is above our initial ambition. It combines challenging projects that want to change the current model and reliable founders who want to explore the potential of blockchain technology and are eager to build their own community.

So proud of the multiple key areas represented in this cohort, such as microfinance, mobility, energy, and even recycling… Our batch wants to be a multi-sectoral group that addresses as many of our society's issues as possible.

The selected projects mostly come from Africa and France.

Why? We have a solid and robust local inking in these regions. It guarantees field expertise and the quality of our involvement.

In the future, we want to develop our network and cover all areas of the world, including both developing and developed countries. To this end, we aim to reach remote areas by focusing our next campaigns on:

  • Our dedicated and supportive community
  • Local partners

Let’s be very clear: we want to develop a sustainable impact investing ecosystem and onboard involved local actors and communities.

We are so proud of these projects that we can’t wait to unveil them to you! Stay tuned!

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