Get ready to have the power: Understand our registration process!

4 min readMay 2, 2022

Anyone with a Cardano wallet only can participate!

Cardashift aims to develop an investing ecosystem to create a bridge between citizen-investors and impactful projects in need of funding to unlock the full potential of impact projects.

John Stuart Mill used to say:

“Any participation, even in the smallest public function, is useful.

Indeed, Cardashift stands out from its counterparts by putting the community at the heart of tomorrow’s environmental & social project selection. Individuals are a fantastic resource for collective intelligence necessary to train and board in the community. Involving the community in the first entrepreneur’s selection guarantees best-in-class impact projects.

We introduced our voting model a few months ago, explaining the involvement of community members in project selection. To maximize user engagement and make the community the final decision-maker we created an innovative incentive program: Every voter will be rewarded and have a chance to get a whitelist! (More details below)

The voting system on the Launchpad has two stages:

  • A registration and holding period
  • A voting period

This article will be focused on the registration and holding system.

Get ready to Register!

To get involved in the voting process, you must install your navigator with a compatible wallet. Below is a list of wallets supported by our Launchpad.

We will only support Nami and Flint. Make sure to transfer all CLAP tokens to these wallets.

Follow the beginning of our video tutorials if you need help creating these wallets.

How to Register?

Once the projects are available on the Cardashift Launchpad, users will have three weeks to declare their willingness to be part of the voting process. It will be a simple procedure to select the wallet and identify all the voters.

You will access an add-on simulator to help you determine your potential rewards. You will find it on the “Vote for projects” tab.

Here is an official preview :

Register, Hold, and Earn

We are offering 10 free voting tickets that will be airdropped for each user that registered during the registration process.

It ensures a neutral and objective voting system by providing fair access to every person interested in Cardashift or, better, in selecting tomorrow’s environmental and social projects that will save the world!

It also means that every wallet owner (even with 0 CLAP on it) will be able to vote and have a chance to be whitelisted!

By registering, users will enjoy a 30% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) in CLAP during the registration period, including three weeks of registration and one week of voting.

Incentive campaign rewards will be airdropped at the end of the registration period!

The sooner you register, the more rewards you get

As soon as voters register, we will take snapshots of their wallet balance every day until the end of the voting period. The average amount of CLAP held on your wallet between your registration and the beginning of the voting phase will define a reference CLAP value.

You will get 10 + the square root of this value rounded to the nearest 10 in voting tickets!

The square root formula strikes a balance between CLAP whales and casual investors. We obviously want to incentivize CLAP holders and make them feel they are our fundamental resource. However, we do believe that low-budget investors need to claim their rights through our voting process.

Don’t worry, the voting process itself will be explained very soon!

A reminder

Our investment focuses on early-stage startups that could drastically benefit from our support and mentoring. To this end, we develop a robust pre-selection process to determine and identify high-potential impact projects to propose to the community.

Once this pre-selection stage is over, the projects are presented to the community through the Launchpad. The community members will review these projects and vote for their favorite. At the end of this process, an IDO will be performed on the selected projects.

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Written by Benjamin Faccin, Adam Merchiche, Anaïs Bouchet




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