Impact project leaders and Cardashift : the benefits

5 min readApr 6, 2022

Environmental and social stakes are increasingly prevalent, and the world does not have a surplus of time to spend. Impact entrepreneurs are lacking funding and support to scale-up their projects and increase their success rate.

Blockchain technology enables us to meet these challenges in two integral ways. The first being an ability to generate funding in an unprecedented manner and provide support instruments to entrepreneurs. Second, by leveraging the benefits of community collaboration and the decentralized power of many.

Cardashift aims at addressing these issues by developing a generic framework that would allow social entrepreneurs to be supported by investors. Today you can access an impact launchpad to foster investments for sustainable projects and accelerate their development.

For our first batch of projects, we received at least 250 application forms. It shows how deep our proposal is to support and accelerate sustainable projects.

This financial support is combined with a customized mentorship provided by our expert team. Our team will coach the project leaders towards the IDO and beyond, to unlock the full potential of impact projects. To this end, we propose to support the founding team through the usual processes.

Within this article, you will find an overview of what we can offer. For more details, have a look at our core document.

How can we prepare the IDO?

As mentioned in the whitepaper, Cardashift puts the community at the heart of blockchain technology and its future developments. Individuals are a significant resource that will be necessary to train and board in the community, in order to make them actors of this revolutionary ecosystem.

To this end, community members will be included in the project selection process. At the end of the voting period, the two projects with the highest number of votes will be selected for the next steps and personalized support.

Our proposal

After the voting process, projects will be supported by our core team. The aim of this support is manifold:

1. Assess the need for support pre and post-funding (IDO) and determine the mandatory/optional support bricks according to the progress, maturity and needs of the project

To provide customized support, we need to assess the maturity of your project. Coaching sessions with mentors, focus on the team, working practices and methods will be a way to determine and identify the points we should focus on.

2. Deep-dive with the team into the project’s impact, ambition, viability, strengths and weaknesses

Cardashift launchpad stands out from its competitors by addressing social issues and focusing on impactful projects. Project leaders have to make sure that their ambition is unique and their impact well-defined. To this end, our support will focus on:

  • the value chain impact analysis
  • the sustainability and scalability of the business model
  • the impact strategy & key impact metrics

The idea would be to define a coherent and robust social value proposition addressing a well-defined issue. Identifying the externalities would be key for a total adoption.

To be sustainable and fulfill its role in the management of social issues, the project has to be economically viable. Our business design team will help to identify the economic and financial potential of the project. The idea is to:

  • Define the market and the ecosystem
  • Cluster the market and identifying persona
  • Use lean Canvas methods
  • Value proposition and Market fit : the sweet spot
  • Product Roadmap refined

3. Define a viable tokenomics model and be ready for the IDO

An IDO is a sale of a project’s tokens before its market launch. Cardashift aims at supporting project leaders during its phases:

  • Define your token utility and identify potential blockchain uses
  • Determine the optimum allocation & unlock schedule to guarantee your token value
  • Identify potential legal issues
  • Shield investors from the risk of project holder disappearance with a vesting system, subject to clear and defined conditions.

These steps have to be combined with a strong and intense community engagement campaign. Indeed, it is necessary to get the community engaged in your project.

Shortly after the fundraising?

The objective is to capitalize on the fundraising session, focusing on technology robustness, business viability and the impact.

The Cardashift team has designed a tailored program where bricks will be either mandatory or optional depending on the maturity, uncertainty and capacities of the startup. We will focus on:

  • Product execution

Depending on the level of maturity, we could propose product development/management sessions or dedicated execution to help design the product.

  • Business and management

Team coaching and business development sessions could be organized if necessary.

  • Impact design

Being at the heart of our raison d’être, the social value proposition of the project should be well-defined and designed. The impact KPI’s roadmap will be studied by our team.

  • Tokenomics

Private coaching sessions will be organized between our team and project leaders. The idea is to develop an ambitious tokenomics framework allowing the sustainability of the project

  • Growth and communication

Making the community engaged is key to guarantee the sustainability of a project. As a consequence, we aim at providing support sessions to spur community involvement.

Base your growth on the Cardashift community and ambassadors could be an interesting way to quickly scale-up.

What about the team leaders?

The pre-funding support is free-of-charge for the project leaders. However, it requires a time commitment 1 to 2 days a week for 2 months.

Regarding the acceleration program, it is divided into two pieces:

  • the 1st acceleration layer will be mandatory and financed by 10%fee or $50k minimum of the funds raises
  • The 2nd acceleration layer will be optional and billed directly to the project holders.

To ensure the smooth execution of the acceleration program, we will need the involvement of the founding team and a Partnership officer once a week.


Impact investments represent only 7% of the global assets although environmental and social stakes are growing. Cardashift initiative makes impact projects fundraising possible. It aims at building and accelerating startups that are solving environmental and social issues, involving the crypto-community.

To this end, the Cardashift team tries to provide a best-in-class program to, on the one hand, turn their ideas into impactful and tangible business, and on the other hand improve their impact.

Want to have more details on this program?

Here is a description of what we propose.

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