Quarter Update Q4 2022

5 min readJan 23, 2023


Hello all, and welcome to the last quarter update of 2022!

We hope you have had a good holiday season and are looking forward to this new year ahead of us. The past three months have been busy, and we have achieved a number of milestones. Without further ado, here they are.

Yannis Baala, our CEO, speaks about the achievements and progresses of the latest quarter

1. Revolte Collection #1 Sold Out

On Dec 20, the Revolte NFTs sale was a major success. You far exceeded our expectations: all 450 NFTs sold out in only 6 hours. Thanks for this amazing achievement!

It’s the first model of a new type of NFT to enable citizens to co-finance the transition of our economy.

What’s next? Revolte will purchase and repair a batch of damaged electric vehicles and share the profit with investors.

Good news, you can keep track of everything with… OUR DASHBOARD!

2. Revolte Dashboard is available!

We have just released a dashboard to track investments and the process of the cars’ repair.

Preview of the Revolte Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to view:

Your Revolte Investment 💰

  • NFTs owned
  • Proportion of the treasury
  • Buying and selling NFTs on the secondary market

The collection 💡

  • Floor price: the lowest price on the secondary market for any NFT in a given collection
  • Number of NFTs in circulation and the number of holders
  • State of the treasury: the sum of remaining funds to be invested and profits from the Revolte activity

Treasury state ⚙️

  • Remaining funds to be invested and profits from Revolte's activities

Revolte's activities 🚗

  • Number of cars purchased, sold and repaired

3. Pyxo Sale preparation

While we have been busy working with Revolte, we have also been laying the groundwork for the sale of Pyxo NFTs. Pyxo -and you may have seen you in the news lately- is building the biggest network of reusable food packaging, from containers to washing centers.

Pyxo’s solution has become an absolute necessity, not only because of the heavy toll caused by plastic pollution, but also in the context of the application of the french AGEC law. From January 2023 onwards, disposable containers have been banned for on-site dining in restaurants with a capacity of over 20 chairs. 🍟


  • Pools of connected reusable containers
  • A network of restaurants, grocery stores, and malls partners
  • An impressive set of tools collecting crucial impact data

Why is Web3 strategic?

Deploying reusable containers worldwide will only be possible with everyone’s involvement, which Web3 facilitates.

  • Eases and includes citizens in the financing of new value chains, as active investors
  • The investor gets a digital asset (NFT) that grants access to the utilities, whether revenue-sharing, governance, amongst others.

How will it work?

Tokenomics of Pyxo by Cardashift

The sale will raise funds to help launch Pyxo’s solution, and will also allow citizens to participate actively in the fight against plastic pollution.

Interested? The whitelists have already started so make sure you sign up now!

Pyxo has been in the press a lot lately, and have had huge momentum from the implementation of the AGEC Law against disposable plastic! Read about them here:

4. Progress Update on our Marketplace

Product Update

We will be launching our NFT marketplace and a Circular Economy Product-Toolkit this year. The marketplace will be a huge milestone in our establishment as leaders in the impact-NFT ecosystem.

Cardashift offers impact-makers a powerful suite of tools that simplify the process of creating, managing, and governing blockchain-based digital assets, decentralized applications, and communities. The marketplace is one of these tools and is in turn the next logical step in our deployment.

In practice, the marketplace will grant partner projects the ability to deploy assets (NFTs) on the primary market through fundraising, and to add utilities to them (like a treasury). Once a platform for the exchange of Cardashift products is created, we will be able to open up further to other Web3 actors, and to become leaders and aggregators of impact projects.

Although there is no fixed date yet, we plan on launching it within the next few months. In the meantime, we are working on becoming leaders of Web3 impact projects. Over the past year, over 15 partnerships with Cradashift have been signed. New impact organizations are joining us, with even more to come this year.

Next steps

We will be presenting you with previews of our Figma page, with the entire user flows, during one of our upcoming collaboration rooms!


The year 2022 ends on an extremely positive note with the sold out of our first collection.

Market conditions have been particularly though with three major crashes in the ecosystem that had definitely an impact on our roadmap. Despite that, it has been a very exciting year for Cardashift: from our successful ICO in January to the sale of Revolte collection.

We have shown that a path was possible between web3 and impact — gathering a community of 12,000 members, working with entities such as Yunus Social Business or Time for the Planet and above all, building with incredible impact makers like Pyxo and Revolte teams.

2023 will be the year of confirmation, it’s time for our ambition to be concretized and we are happy to count you with us for this amazing challenge!

As ever, our community is at the heart of what we do. Come discuss the aforementioned points during our next community room on Discord, on February 3rd. The community room is a space for all members to speak freely and ask any questions.




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